Johanna Strömsholm – an enthusiastic content creator and corporate communications specialist

They say that a picture tells more than a thousand words. I’m one of those few, who still believe in written text. I dare to say there’s nothing that beats an engaging text. And I love writing. I love the challenge of getting your attention.

But what does it mean to be a good writer?

For me, writing is a form of selling. It is about persuading your audiences, to grab their attention and then making them to want more, engaging them in the reading experience. In this information-saturated world, texts are not being read by coincidence. Whether your content is a personal blog post, a public announcement, a regular advertisement or a mind-blowing piece of news, the hardest thing is to get the audience’s attention. To be discovered and clicked, your text not only needs to be search-engine-optimized but also pushed to your audiences through all the right channels.  However, those technical details won’t help you much in getting your message across, in getting your text “bought”, if you lack the ability to persuade and engage your readers. This is where communications professionals often come in the picture.

So who am I?

Johanna Strömsholm, 32-year-old communications professional and a mother of two lovely kids. I’ve been described as open-minded but analytical, always positive, quality-driven and 100% reliable. Besides writing, I am good at planning, organizing and managing projects. My motto could be that of Benjamin Franklin: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” I like to do both.

At my work in a Finnish medium-sized enterprise, I’ve taken part in various business projects, e.g. as the organizer of managerial training and business strategy launch, as the main user of the company web site and the Sharepoint-based intranet and as the project manager of various communications projects. On my free time, I also administrate my husband’s company web site and co-write his triathlon blog. This spring I graduated from Master’s Programme in Corporate Communication, at Aalto University School of Business, my weighted average grading being 5/5.

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